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The Scout Group is led by the Group Scout Leader (GSL) and managed by the Group Executive Committee who are accountable to the Group Council for the satisfactory running of the Group.

The Group Scout Leader is assisted and supported by the Section Leaders who take responsibility for running the sections and for the progressive training scheme within their sections of the Group.

All Parents are members of the Group Council along with other supporters and uniformed leaders. The Group Council has an annual meeting at which the Group Executive is elected.

The Group Executive is comprised of

Group Scout Leader

Group Chairman (nominated by the Group Scout Leader)

Group Secretary

Group Treasurer

Section Leaders

Parent Representative from each section (nominated by the Group Scout Leader)

Other Members nominated by the Group Scout Leader

Members elected by the Group Council.

A full list of the Group Executive is on the notice board in the entrance hall.

The Group Executive are responsible, to the Group Council, for the management of the Scout Group, however to allow a more focused approach we have split the areas of responsibility in to 5 teams. These teams are: -


Consolidate actions from other teams, monitor finances, and deal with Charity Commission.


Support for Leaders, Scouting equipment, and parental help.

Headquarters Support.

Look after the fabric of the Headquarters, transport, and legal duties.


Newsletter, Handbook, Group database, Public Relations.

Fund Raising.

Manage fund raising activities.

Whilst the Group Executive are responsible for the Management of the Group, it is essential that Parents help in meeting the objectives.

We are a voluntary organisation, and receive no external income. All monies have to be generated by the Group. This takes the form of subscriptions and fund-raising. In most cases the fund-raising relies on "People power".

Subscriptions Current Subs at January 2004 TOP

Beavers £96 per year £32 per "term" £8.00 per month

Cubs £99 per year £33 per "term" £8.25 per month

Scouts £114 per year £38 per "term" £9.50 per month

In addition there is a family membership subscription of

£30 per year £10 per "term" £2.50 per month.

This payment was introduced in an attempt to share the burden of raising funds to ensure the future success of the group. This payment can be reclaimed if the family has helped at fundraising events or other activities agreed with the group Executive


The income generated by members subscriptions (not the family membership subscription) is used in two ways:

A Group contribution of £81 per member to support the day to day running of the 1st Shirley Scout Headquarters building and to pay the Scout Association Membership fee.

The remainder is specified by the section Scouters to meet the running costs of the section.

All other expenditure necessary to support the group, (e.g. the provision of Camping Equipment, Canoes, Major replacements and addition to HQ fabric, Group Transport), has to be obtained from fundraising activities. The estimated annual requirement to allow the group to continue at our current standard is more than £9000 over and above the standard subscription payments. This extra amount, equivalent to about £50 per member, has to be raised via various fund raising activities or from the Family Subscription.

Traditionally volunteer help from parents and supporters have raised this money but it is recognised that sometimes parents are unable to spare time to help at events, which is why the alternative of the Family Subscription is available.

Payment methods -

Monthly - using the Bank Standing Order facility (preferred option) or

Invoiced -three times per year payable on January 1st, May 1st and September 1st.


These include.....

Car Washes We wash cars in situ in the car park. Easiest form of income - little outlay / risk - Contact us if you want to help or need further info.

Marquee Hire We have 3 marquees, which we hire out locally. We need a team of six people normally to erect and dismantle, sometimes with two going out on the same weekend, we need extra help.See the Large Marquee See the Small Marquee

Candy Floss Two candyfloss machines are owned by the Group and we attend various school and charity events and raise a lot of money - but again we do need a team to spread the work out. It's easy to do and if we had more help we could advertise it more. Don’t forget that the candy floss machines can be hired by your school.

Other events have included

Spring Fayre Christmas Fayre

Donkey Derby Shirley Carnival

Group Show

 Social Events

Various events during the year

Because, over the last few years difficulties have been experienced in getting enough help to run some of the fund raising events, the option of paying additional subs is available. If you would prefer to assist in fund raising or helping out in other areas please contact any member of the Group Executive.

 We also receive income from Hall Hire


- From April 2000, membership subscriptions paid to the Scout Group can be treated as Gift Aid donations and we can claim money back from the Inland Revenue based on the following declaration. This will enable us to claim about £4000 if all declarations are returned!!

All that is required is to either:-

date the following declaration - no need to sign and return it to us via post or hand in at HQ.

OR you can do it the easy way - Phone 07092 127606 Choose option 2 to leave a message, and just leave your name, child's name and state you want the subscriptions to be Gift Aid contributions... we will then send a confirmation letter and Hey Presto! it's done....Phone Today and we can then claim money back from the Taxman

Gift Aid Declaration - First Shirley Scout Group TOP

I want the Scout Group to treat all payments on or after 6th of April 2000 in respect of the Group membership subscription as Gift Aid donations.



Post Code..........

Date ...............

Notes on Gift Aid -

You must pay an amount of income tax or capital gains tax at least equal to the tax we reclaim on the payments (currently 28p for evey £1 you give).

You can cancel this declaration at any time by notifying the Scout Group

Please notify the Scout Group if you change name or address